The secret about cucumber water can make you never opt for child coffee drinks or any juice. Cucumber water is a great way to staying healthy and refreshed. This water is easy to make. Once you have your cucumber, wash it thoroughly then slice it and put the slices in some pitcher filled with water. Place it in the refrigerator for some time for the water to get infused with flavor and consume after one hour.

Blood pressure treatment

Cucumber has the mild diuretic properties due to its water content and high potassium which regulates the blood pressure and useful in treating both low and high pressure. A decrease of sodium and increase of potassium intake can lower your blood pressure by some amount. At times not drinking enough water or drinking excess water may increase your blood. It is therefore essential that you balance the water intake of your body.bloodpressure

Makes you look young

They also help in fighting free radicals due to their antioxidant property. This way they get to slow down aging and also enhance the ability of your body to fight diseases, although their antioxidant level is not as high as colored vegetables like red cabbage. The body contains about fifty percent water so the more you hydrate, the healthier your cells become. Water transports oxygen, vitamins, essential minerals and helps in flushing toxins from your system. Getting adequate amount is, therefore, a component of healthy aging and cucumber water will do this best.

Promotes healthy bones

Cucumber contains vitamin K, a vitamin that plays a vital part in strengthening the bones by promoting orthotropic activities. The high silica content in it promotes joints by strengthening your connective tissues. Cucumbers help in keeping your bones healthier as you age. This vitamin is also useful for blood clotting hence it is important to get you fair share taking cucumber water.

Fights cancer

The other reason for drink cucumber water is that it has cucurbitacins that aid in the treatment of cancer since they kill cancer cells and also prevent the proliferation of the cells. Sufficient intake of cucumber water reduces chances of getting urinary cancer.

Moistures the skin

Cucumbers are full of silica which is a great nutrient for the skin. It, therefore, enhances good skin healthy by improving elasticity and increasing moisture and this is the reason why cucumber is used for most skin products. Drinking this water keeps the skin healthy and hydration.

Weight loss

weightlossIt also acts as a natural diuretic hence helps in getting rid of excess bloating and water. Cucumber water quenches your thirst naturally and makes you forget about drinking juices loaded with sugar. This way it is easy to cut calories. It also makes plain water taste great meaning you are likely to drink more water. Water prevents constipation that can lead to swelling of your abdomen and add extra pounds.